There comes a time of new beginnings. Of new starts. A time when what used to be, isn’t quite enough, and what will become shall be lacking something. Regardless, the future’s not the present agenda. The past may not be of much importance momentarily. It’s all about the present. Whether a new hobby is to be pursued, a new country to experience or even a new cereal to try at breakfast.

My new thing is this so-called attempt at blogging that lasts over 140 characters. Who would have thought it can actually be somewhat difficult? Life brings different challenges on a daily basis and as a wise teenager once told me we should remember that “Yolo”.

Hello WordPress-ers

UPDATE: First published on 7th June 2013 and followed by a dormant spell until March 2015. This highlights the effectiveness of the Procrastination Productions brand. Here’s hoping posts feature more frequently henceforth.