Many parents and teachers have been appalled at seeing an eleven year old boy dressed as Christian Grey from the erotic Fifty Shades trilogy. Cries of unacceptability and indecency have been made, with the headteacher even asking him to change before being able to participate in the book-related activities.

But why all the shock and surprise? Is it really that out-of-the-ordinary? Yes he’s about ten years too young (and arguably the less enthusiastic gender) for this particular series, but with its constant plastering in newspapers, TV trailers and bus posters one can’t really hide from its exposure. Many have slammed his parents as despicable role-models who, as one person commented ‘are the kind of parents that would find it funny if their kids swore’, but is all this necessary? 
We are in liberal Britain where increasingly the line between what is tongue-in-cheek as his parents suggested, and what is downright unacceptable and offensive is often blurred.
Yes, it’s bizarre. Yes it’s not a book for his age. But what’s quite impressive, is that he’s aware of this major talking point here in Britain. And perhaps we should commend his societal cultural awareness. I would take that any day over an uninformed child not knowing who David Cameron is…