Less than two months until the general election but what’s been the main talking point recently? The debates, or rather, their inevitable cancellation. Everyone’s keen to blame. Cameron opts to blame the broadcasters, as do DUP, but the lion’s share (though chicken’s share may appear more apt) belongs to the PM himself. 

This is the man who believes he’s the one to renegotiate an EU that is better and fairer for Britain. This is the man who has had the courage to introduce the bedroom tax, a policy with endless opposition.
And yet he can’t brave the wrath of Ed Miliband. Ed Miliband. You know their election campaign is on a hinge when the threat of a non-photogenic bacon sarnie eater is enough for Cameron to realise he can’t defend his record. He’s prepared to stand up for Britain in the European Union, but can’t do the same for the Conservatives in front of the Great British People who so demand it. (Whether they care or not can be seen as 22 million watched them during the last campaign. That’s double the viewership of a single episode during EastEnders live week).
 As amusing an idea as it may seem, the likelihood of ’empty-chairing’ the Prime Minister during a televised debate is about as plausible as having a Lib Dem/Greens coalition in May. It just won’t happen. There’s been talk of having substitutes. It was suggested to have Nick Robinson (BBC Political Editor) to fill in for him by outlining Conservative party policy when required, but somehow this also doesn’t seem realistic. 

“Hey love it’s that geezer off the news. I didn’t know he was running. Let’s vote for him then” 

If they really wanna people please, bring in BoJo. London’s Olympic hero, a possible future PM and better liked than Osborne at any rate. He’d bring the pizzazz and passion that Cameron wouldn’t. He may even appear on stage on his Boris Bike. Now that’d me a sight to see.
At the end of the day, despite currently disagreeing with a head-to-head showdown, Cameron has allowed for one seven-way standoff. And who knows, maybe, just maybe, the Greens will know what they’re talking about this time. Either that, or they’ll end with a chicken dance medley directed at Cameron. I don’t mind which…