You may have heard the accusations cast upon Nicola Sturgeon. The idea that she had spoken to a French official about her choice to have David Cameron continue as Prime Minister rather than make arrangements with Labour. She has undoubtedly denied, whilst an SNP member claimed it was a belated April Fools day joke.

We have no guarantee as to who’s at fault here, but we can make an informed guess. A system that’s losing its monopoly versus the intuitive, fresh faces of alternative politics. An investigation into the incident has even been authorised to uncover any Whitehall wrongdoing.
There is no denying the continuing rise of the Scottish National Party. Many ‘No’ voters in the referendum have now also decided to switch allegiance. Here we have a female leader faring unbelievably well in the seven-way leaders’ debate. In fact her success led many south of the border wondering if they can vote SNP in May. The answer is unfortunately no.
There is a scaremongering tactic of  ‘they want to break up our United Kingdom’ and therefore shouldn’t be let in under any costs. The real truth is that alongside their desire for independence, they do have other valuable non-austerity policies helping the most vulnerable. And the real truth regarding this incident is a shameful attempt to break into the now solid SNP fan base.
Sturgeon One, Westminster Nil