The short campaign has well and truly begun and only 33 days separates the electorate and a decision that will affect us all for the next five years. The airwaves are being bombarded with election updates, polls, comment and debates during this final stretch. But what’s also on the rise are the feature articles of politicians being down-to-Earth photographed with their wives, children and in the kitchen. A few days ago, Heat had an interview with Cameron in which he mentioned that he was distantly related to the Kardashians *Cue Daily Mail writers to go berserk with a bombardment of click-bait articles*

Cameron also claimed that he was afraid of rats and recounted one night when he saw one in his kitchen, but didn’t have the courage to do anything about it.

These non-stories, and others like it are going to feature over the next 33 days more so than at any other time in the past five years, and evidently in the next five as well. 

Opinion on these is decisive. With most politicos cringing at each pathetic attempt, party spin doctors eager to make their man appear relatable and the general public in most cases understanding it’s all a scam.

I personally love the very thought of knowing that our Prime Minister supports Aston Villa and that Ed Miliband likes Bastille. And the reason is this. Alternative Election news allows us to see politicians as real people along with a well-earned break from discussing zero hour contracts. For the apathetic, non-voter and disinterested lowest common denominator these upcoming weeks will be unbearable. And this gives them a talking point. They don’t have the slightest view on Trident, but like a chicken curry. We can’t be shunning politics from the non-politically engaged. Not at this time anyway. And who knows, after discovering that Cameron enjoys Fortitude they may discover the party and its leader have more in common with them than they thought.

I have heard the alternative. People simply don’t care about this pointless nonsense. Someone even said to me that politicians are like doctors. Just get the job done, I don’t care what your favourite colour is. Serve the public in the way that’s needed. Policy versus Publicity (It’s not just the Tories that can come up with a slogan).

At the end of the day, and knowing there’s over thirty of these still to come, this balanced approach is much more appealing. We complain that young people aren’t engaged. They are more likely to have seen Clegg’s interview with Joey Essex than one with Nick Robinson.

Whether it’s the Conservatigers, Labouradors or the Liberal Democats,  it’s a jungle out there, and they all must use any possible way to survive.