A brand-new show for ITV. Likened to the fabulous Spitting Image, this puppetering frenzy should have been a roaring success. And perhaps for some elements it may have been. A vast collection of public personalities were mocked on our screens from the likes of Jeremy Clarkson, All three party leaders (as well as Ed Balls, Harriet Harman, Osborne and Eric Pickles) and of course Jeremy Kyle. The scenes looked astonishing; we were presented with the gorgeous Dorset views in their Broadchurch segment and a spot-on recreation of the Mrs. Brown’s Boys set with them being substituted by the royal family. Genius.

The only bones I make were that much of the material just wasn’t funny. It’s a real shame as well, as there is no other likely competitor for this brand of topical, caricaturial people-bashing medley at present. A tired reference to Ed Miliband’s struggle with bacon sandwiches, Clarkson explicitly mentioning steak and complaining about cold biscuits along with Nigel Farage doing stand-up didn’t appear particularly ground-breaking. Contrastingly, Kim Jong’s Un Show, The Salmond and Sturgeon 500 miles reworded karaoke and the “happy warrior’s” prep for the opposition debate were some of the better offerings in the show where no-one is safe.

Strikingly, reaction on Twitter has been unbelievably mixed. Many complained “that’s 30 mins of my life wasted which I’ll never get back” but this was amongst passionate fans who said “this show’s genius”. In terms of the accents Andy Murray, Ed Miliband and Prince Charles were most accurate, though The Queen, Russell Brand and Roy Hodgson were nothing to gloat about.

All in all, a fabulous concept with great puppets and visuals. Not laugh out loud funny, but certainly enjoyable. Here’s hoping for Boris, Simon Cowell and some humour next week…