After last week’s pilot, I was hopeful that Newzoids would improve over time but certainly not to this extent so quickly. In fact, I ended the post with a desire to see Boris, Simon Cowell and some humour. We were given all three for the second episode. Simply sublime.

We saw fascinating (and freakishly up-to-date) scenes between Red Ed and Nicola Queen of Scots. A near-perfect Paddy McGuinness impersonation provided the voiceover to an unbearably delightful date with an eager Sturgeon hoping to get into bed with Ed, though it wasn’t meant to be. Prince Charles complained of the implausibility of some insignificants ruling some insignificant land in Game of Thrones. Clarkson was back again, though other characters (rightly) commanded more of the attention and audience pleasure this time.

Britain’s least challenging mystery of what Syco stands for was revealed, with the possibility of Amanda Holden’s newly formed “A Hol” garnering attention in the not too distant future. And her laugh (when discovering she didn’t want to be a ‘ho’ was hilarious) – The loud hyena-esque chortle that’s pretty contagious; brill.

Another humorous scene involving Boris acting as the Tories’ new campaign advisor in Number 10. When you realise BoJo is essentially a posh clown you can never un-see that! Marvellous tie spinning banter from Camerrs, indoor fireworks and Osborne’s custard pie (no doubt purchased from Fortnum & Mason) were a much appreciated treat from last week.

Even Nigel Farage’s crack at the whip with a catchy tune about him being an ordinary man (despite his many riches through ripping off the EU and his former position as a businessman were highlighted) made absolutely delicious viewing and no doubt that track will make it to number one this weekend. Well it won’t, but it should. And if you think he’s controversial, a particularly topical scene with Katie Hopkins showed us that even though this is satire meant to exaggerate, we can genuinely imagine her saying she’d set fire to the migrants’ ships to stop them getting to Europe. Scary.

And the funniest scene of all, he’s considered a joke by most of the British public so it only seemed fitting; Nick Clegg.

A man goes downstairs to see his house being burgled.

“Oh don’t worry” reassures Nick, “I’m here as a moderating influence”.

“But he’s robbing my house”

“It’s not as bad as it would have been without me”

Clegg later makes it clear “he [the burglar] couldn’t have got in on his own so I gave him a helping hand”

Absolutely hysterical. Oh how much we’d pay to be a fly-on-the-wall when Nick Clegg had sat down to watch it tonight. (Well it’s not like he’d have been busy preparing for an important campaign event tomorrow)

Roll on the rest of the series!