Oh how I feel sorry for the poor folk at FIFA who have just had their world turned upside down. All these allegations of corruption are exceptionally unpleasant and not the kind of thing one should ever have to deal with, let alone the noble men and women of FIFA. One can’t help but feel unimaginable pity for the distress these unjustified and unfounded allegations have caused to their well-being.

Poor Sepp Blatter. The pinnacle of integrity and leadership having to deal with this unfortunate mess at his old age. These years should be spent in celebration doing the things he loves most, spending time with family and reflecting on an illustrious career. But that joy will be marred by self-centred, egotistical, controlling journalists who only care about getting a story out there without any thought of the consequences. They come across as the type to take bribes to funnel their own selfish needs.

If there is any justice left in this world, FIFA will be cleared of all wrong-doing and free to continue as they do. And please, for the sake of human decency, can demands for Blatter to resign be halted at once. He is a credit to the footballing world and long may his reign continue.