Let’s not focus on the policies, because who really cares about that right? But in terms of the campaign, as that is all that really matters. Crosby’s Conservatives may have been first to pass the post, but there’s a LOT that didn’t add up.

On the one hand we had a ‘career-defining’ politician, eating a hot dog with a fork ‘n’ knife, causing a child to sustain head injuries, temporarily forgetting one’s football team and (Russell) brandishing any attempt to engage the disengaged ‘a joke’. On the other hand we had #milifandom.

That sums it all up. We’ve all had our laughs at Ed’s expense, but when it mattered, he won a lot of us over. (Or so I thought).

Don’t get me wrong, for the sake of continuity, for an eliminated deficit and to be able to finish what has been started, the Tories’ victory is one to be congratulated. Why wreck the recovery, when it’s progressing well? But the scale of cuts planned is what many fear. Hence, there have already been protests before the shock result has even sunk in for the team in blue.

It just seems awfully bizarre as that is certainly not what the polls were predicting. And social media was awash with support for Ed Miliband. He came across nicer, friendlier and more genuine. None of which evidently are prime ministerial qualities.

The one thing we can all take from this election and result is that there are a hell of a lot of shy Tories. Perhaps the left need to stop vilifying people with said views and in future we’ll have more reliable polling in the run-in.

As for this result, yes David somehow got an overall majority, but the ‘Scottish lion has roared’ at Westminster and it’s going to be roller-coaster of a ride till 2020. All aboard!