79 quid?! Jog on. As entertaining as the Top Gear trio are, I can’t see myself dishing out that sum for the (as yet untitled) online show. And it seems many on Twitter felt the same way. For non-Prime customers, by that I mean for the majority of Britain, Netflix appeared to be a much preferred choice. But alas it isn’t to be.

The cynics are claiming Clarkson and co. made this decision due to financial reasons but this has been dismissed suggesting it is for the creative freedom that Amazon Prime has afforded them.

Despite mine and others’ refusal to join the Amazon Prime bandwagon, some die-hard fans will gladly do just that. They’d naturally attach themselves to a tree for a fortnight in order to watch a Jeremy Clarkson Vine. 

The real worry is for the semi-fans or the ones who don’t mind it. They’d watch the Christmas special, catch an episode when there’s a decent star in a reasonably priced car, but wouldn’t necessarily iPlayer each episode. What becomes of them? Their viewership may be lost through this new deal. In fact, what if they switch their attention to the BBC Chris Evans’ remake. That would be a disaster for Clarkson and crew.

Or would it? After all, it seems with the amount of coverage this ongoing Clarkson saga has generated, I doubt they’ll need to be chasing viewers for quite some time…