As I sit here tapping away my thoughts on a tiny screen, whist switching between Whatsapp and Snapchat it appears to be completely absurd that more people are using phones to get online than a laptop. Really?! I mean because in all the many queues of people waiting to get on tube replacement buses, the only apparent device seemed to be a laptop. As was the technological gadget of preference that diners opted to use whilst waiting for their fancy meals to arrive.

On a more serious note though, it is hardly surprising that Ofcom’s latest findings about the high usage of mobile gadgets surpasses that of laptops. Considering we do spend a lot of time either on the go or on the trot. The portable block of genius has increased human efficiency whilst conveniently eliminating the virtue of patience. 

It is astonishing how people no longer talk. It’s actually testament to this generation, that we’d rather get feedback on a new top through Twitter than asking a mate what they think of it.

The increase of selfies in fitting rooms confirms this practice. There are special mirrors that even take the pics for you and you have the option to email the snaps to a friend for feedback. Bizarre.

I’d imagine (the already high) tablet usage will continue to surge too, and when iPads have USB ports it will signal the demise of laptops altogether. Oh dear.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to see today’s ‘Londonlife’ story.