David Cameron, currently in Jamaica has ruled out an apology for Britain’s role in the slave trade.


Might I just casually point out that Jeremy Corbyn has said that if he becomes Prime Minister he will offer an official apology for Britain’s role in the slave trade. Though I presume one could have guessed that that would be his stance.

What sort of a message does that send out, Dave? Not a good one at the very least.

Wasn’t it only recently that Shashi Tharoor claimed in the Oxford Union that Britain must apologise for past atrocities?

Absolutely. Yes we should.

Cameron always claims to be looking at the future and not being stuck in the past. The only problem with that is you can’t move on without closure. Be that reparations, acknowledgments, apologies or all three they must be honoured before the state can move on.

Sometimes we just have to swallow our pride, admit our mistakes and then progress can be made. It will surely help ease tensions with other nations.

So Cameron, I’m hoping you reconsider. It’s never too late.