Ok let’s just be clear from the off. It’s not. There literally aren’t too many benefits to clinging on to a four year old contraption. With patronising quips of its size ‘so tiny’ or ‘aww that was my first iPhone’ it’s clear that whilst society has moved on, I’m still a handful of models behind. And even though it abnormally starts crashing and restarting every other day, the battery dies when the percentage is still in the late 20s and two buttons no longer work, here are five reasons why it’s hard to say goodbye…


Take a selfie of us all 

An irritating request at the best of times. Whilst it’s great to have visual memories of particular events and occasions, I don’t want to be the one to have to do it. And luckily with an i4s I’ve never needed to. ‘Oh god your camera quality is dreadful‘ or ‘here let me take it’ are frequent words to my ears. Take that.


Can I borrow your charger

Yes you certainly can. Although it’s for a 4S so it might be diff- ‘DAMMIT’. Result. The phone charger borrowers disappear and I’m no longer wondering who failed to return it back to me.



I’m eating now I’ll call you back

This is the reality of the newer models. They are so blooming big you constantly need both hands (well I do) to operate them. The very thought of needing your second hand just to hit the off switch is ridiculously off-putting. I’d much rather be able to pocket my smartphone thanks.


Memories Revisited

Having had my 4S for over four years, (fitting, I know), it brings with it a certain level of nostalgia. When scrolling through the notes app, I find half term lists of completing ICT coursework or some GCSE maths questions. I can be assured that they probably still haven’t been finished. But even going through old voice memos, one finds myself pretending to be a cheesy radio show host. Peculiar right?!


The end of an era

The iPhone 4S was the last phone with the old style longer charger. Whilst this undoubtedly is more inconvenient than worthy of bragging rights, it is still somewhat special to be carrying a part of history on a daily basis. And to be fair, there was this gym that only had older chargers attached to their treadmills. A friend (naturally) pointed out that I was probably the only person ever to recharge at this gym.


I bet you’re missing your older devices, you commercialised sheep. As if it needed pointing out, this piece was written on an iPhone 4S – available from all good junkyards now.

Edit: I eventually caved and moved up to the 6S on 7th February