Whichever way you do the Hokey Cokey, one thing’s for sure; the EU referendum is a monumental question that we now crucially need to turn our attention towards. Having had the date set for 23rd June, we, the voters, must be sure to engage with all sides of the debate before casting our vote.

The fearful fate that could ensue over the next few months if one isn’t careful, is that the loudest campaign will determine public perception. So that whichever side’s views receive most media coverage on all platforms will become the favourites in this rare choice of EU membership. Although another likely reality is that the leave campaign gets positioned as simply ‘Team Nigel Farage’ and will use him as the spearhead of any anti-EU rhetoric (also not particularly helpful). The unfortunate fact of the establishment recommendation being painted as the ‘sane’ option is one the voters must see through from the off. The scaremongering that was used to keep Scotland part of the Union will be enforced to a much greater extent between now and June 23.

As a passionately undecided citizen, it is paramount that I see a fair fight, as if one side starts dominating, I will probably begin to favour the underdogs. And it is the arguments that need to dictate the path until we vote and not pointless jibes at each other. So here is a quick glance at the main reasons for each side:


  1. We are more powerful as a bigger community rather than going at it ourselves
  2. We can live anywhere in Europe
  3. Do you really trust Nigel Farage?


  1. The EU is run by a bunch of unelected politicians making laws for the UK
  2. It is far too expensive
  3. Do you really trust David Cameron?

Obviously, I make these points in jest, they are far more complex than the front page headlines you see repeatedly. So whichever way you decide to go on June 23, make a promise to yourself to be informed. Don’t follow the herd. For this very vote, it doesn’t matter who has made the point, just evaluate what they are actually saying instead. Because even if you disagree with their domestic policies, and wouldn’t dream of having them as Prime Minister, if they make a convincing point to remain or leave, then take it, because that’s what it’s aaaaall abouuut woooooooahhhh