David Cameron is playing an incredibly tactical game. As he was addressing a collection of O2 employees in Slough, making the case for Britain’s continued membership of the EU, he did well to reflect on many people’s current views.

The Prime Minister urged all listeners to only vote to leave if you are absolutely certain that that is what you want. He made a powerful recognition in the fact that many (especially from his own party) are strongly convinced that Brexit is the right course of action and for said individuals, it’s fine to make the arguments that they passionately believe in.

But by positioning himself as the credible option for the undecided, and by using language such as “uncertainty” and “risk” when discussing the other side, many following the campaign may be tempted to follow the government position when it comes to making up their minds.

The point about Boris joining the leave campaign is certainly something that will add flavour, variety and possibly a lot of heat for the next few weeks. The fact that the markets were affected by his announcement surely show the significance the blonde haired bloke has in this campaign. And whilst he may have an agenda, (unlike David Cameron eager to repeat the fact he is not running again), the words of BoJo are held by many as influential. It will be interesting to see how tight this contest becomes with these two high-profile personalities fighting different corners.