When the prospective First Lady of the United States of America, plagiarises parts of her monumental speech at the Republican National Convention, it does little to inspire lazy minds to come up with their own nuanced thoughts when curriculum demands it. ‘But Miss, she did it’ comes the collection of (rightful) whinging. What should have been a small feature in an action-packed convention, seems to have become the only talking point of the day. And this is how she got it wrong. Because inevitably there will be scenarios where a similar sentiment is to be expressed, but the key is to use different words in order to do so.

So here are ten quotes revamped slightly that I can now claim them as my own…

1- “There is a dream that I have”

2- “Try repeatedly if initial success isn’t achieved”

3- “Yesterday was in the past. Tomorrow is in the future. Today is a parcel. That is why it is called the current” (arguably this one doesn’t actually work…)

4- “Time travels by aeroplane in times of enjoyment”

5- “Get changed when you want to see the world”

6- “An eye for an eye makes for a pretty nonsensical trade deal”

7- “One tiny step for man. One less tiny step for humans”

8- “With mates like these, who needs snakes”

9- “Don’t shed tears of its completion. Smile due to it having occurred”

10- “I absolutely do not show agreement to what you have just said and continue to say, however to delimit you from saying them in future is that which I shall use my life to defend against. Or defend for. This quote is too long I’ve lost the gist. Basically, say what you want.”

There. Easy. Different words, same message. #MakeAmericaWonderfulAgain