What is the point? It doesn’t hide anything.

If you’ve seen the poster for Bad Moms you’ll see that Mila Kunis is giving the finger with both hands, trying to showcase her ‘bad’ side. The film explores bad behaviour on the part of mothers. But what is interesting is the decision to blur her middle fingers.

I’m not getting bothered about the ‘sugar honey ice tea’ trend or those glorious a*teri*ks* being used all over the shop, because seeing certain words in all their crude visualisations can be offensive to some along with the pre-watershed censorship *beep* we are accustomed to on telly. That’s fine. For now. But how exactly is pixelating Kunis’ middle fingers hiding from the vulgar nature of her expressed sentiment? We can still see the middle finger. In fact, by doing so her finger just becomes bolder and wider.

If censoring this commonly seen hand gesture is the route you wish to go down, censor the whole hand. Or simply use another picture…