A man has told of his frustration after Apple rejected his idea for the new iPhone. Ahead of its September 7 launch, John Basementon had hoped the new iPhone would feature a ‘mutual hang-up’ option. The feature would have meant both users would have to press the red phone graphic on the screen to disconnect the call, rather than just one user doing so which is the approach currently favoured by all telephone companies.

‘I gave the genius idea to the folk at Apple, who then basically told me to jog on’ he said.

‘It would stop people claiming to have a poor connection before hanging up or even accidentally doing so and missing important information’.

‘This would have helped me have longer quality conversations with my ladies who could no longer pull the “I’m really busy got to go” line without letting me finish chatting’ he said.

‘It’s unfair how only one person can choose when the phone call ends when I still have lots more to say’ he added.

After constantly telephoning Apple HQ, we got through to Simon Peters who explained that Basementon’s suggestion was rejected as it could potentially reduce battery life by fifty percent, and thereafter he immediately hung up on us.

Though not everyone was against the idea. Barry Smith, who works at a call centre sympathised with mutual hang-ups.

‘If it had gone through, it would have certainly helped my monthly salary loads. Less than one in every call I make lasts over thirty seconds so it’s a shame that mutual hang-ups aren’t coming by anytime soon’.