John Speakington, 16, from Essex has written a long winded Facebook status tearing into the performance of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the first presidential debate.

Currently doing his GCSE’s, Speakington was amazed that neither of them offered a point of information.

‘It is standard practice at my school’ he said. ‘If you want to question what a speaker has just said, you’d raise your right hand, with your left hand on your head and clearly say point of information. Only if they accepted were you allowed to challenge the opponent.’

‘This breaks every debating convention I’ve ever known’.

Phillip Benson, 47, teaches English at the school and showed the class a section of the debate for speaking practice.

‘It was intended as a “what not to do” activity, but some of them picked up those flaws a bit too quickly. I turned it off as soon as I could see the class getting too loud, but by then I had already lost control. We had to get three members of staff to remove eleven rowdy students. But on the plus side, John seems more confident about his tournament next week’.