After a landmark decision allowing Heathrow to build a third runway, it appears Heathrow no longer want it.

Mark Clash, a spokesman for the airport said ‘A large amount of the excitement rested with the will they/won’t they on the part of the Government. Now that they have, it just seems like effort’.
Gavin Gatters, an operations director at Terminal Three was nostalgic about the heated rivalry that ensued. 

‘We had many exciting arguments with Gatwick and even got them to bet a sizeable amount. We’ve now got the money, bought the drinks and celebrated all morning. What on earth are we going to talk about now?’

Upon hearing these suggestions, the Government were expected to approach Gatwick again asking if they would like a permission slip for another runway. Although unconfirmed, Gatwick were expected to deny as well stating they weren’t too keen on ‘sloppy seconds’.