Brexit felt to many, like a rejection of multiculturalism. Although there were of course a multitude of reasons why people voted Leave, for some it was in protest of preserving ‘Englishness’ in our globalised world. But what some people fail to realise, is the wonders of our diversity. No two people are alike and it is important to celebrate all of these differences.

KCLSU does a great job of trying to showcase the brilliance of different cultures through the ‘One World’ programme – a week of celebrations and activities to get people engaged and enlightened about various groups and nationalities. And after June’s referendum, it is more important than ever to recognise everyone within this institution as well as the fact that London is a phenomenal melting pot of cultural variation.


Early arrivers wait patiently as the stage is being set

To mark the end of the week they put on the One World Variety Show which allowed society groups to perform to a mesmerised audience. We had the pleasure of witnessing dance, sketch comedy, breakdance, rap, Bhangra and more!

Looking around at the enthusiastic attendees, it was clear from the loud applause and constant cheering that the performances were going down a treat!

What stood out most to me was the Rap Society performance. I went in to the show not particularly keen on rap and thinking I would not be impressed by it. To my surprise I was astounded. There was one moment when they gave us a sample of French Rap. As it is, the French language is known to be spoken particularly quickly so a rap segment would naturally have been a speedy, incomprehensible blur. But no.


It was rather spectacular to watch, as we are all so wrapped up (pun not intended) in our own types of performance that we can forget the beauty of performance that isn’t in the English Language.

Seeing the diverse range of members in Breakin’ KCL show us their dance moves was highly inspirational – to the extent that a friend has decided to join breakdancing sessions as a result of this performance! Their commitment and perseverance really showed!



This variety performance brilliantly portrayed the benefits of our diversified university and city. There are unfortunately a sizeable number of people who do hold unsavoury views but by seeing spectacles such as this show, or the likes of Britain’s Got Talent where their views are challenged by seeing outstanding acts in which performers aren’t necessarily British, do we start to see progress and further acceptance. As humans we do have more in common than not and through expressive mediums such as dance, acting and music do people realise that we are all One. One World.